Andrey Fedorov ( Ivanovo )
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Born in Ivanovo ( Russia ) on February 4th, 1961, Andrey Fedorov started his art studies in the Interior design department of the Ivanovo Art college.
In 1980 he entered the internationally renowned St.-Petersburg Art academy where Andrey mastered drawing in the class of a well-known Russian painter and art historian E.E.Mojeseenko. Fedorov's degree work, a painting entitled: "War times" , was awarded by the diploma of Soviet Ministry of Culture and was exhibited in All-Soviet Union exhibition in Moscow.
A versatile artist, he prefers the classical oil technique and his paintings include portrait, landscape, figurative compositions. In general, they reflect personal life experience and can be best described as a kind of contemporary realistic art. Continuing traditions of his father - a well-known Russian landscape painter Vecheslav Fedorov ( 1918 - 1985 ) Andrey has also many works in this direction and his landscape paintings are based on the traditions of Classical Russian landscape.
But, the main direction of his works - genre-paintings and his favourite subjects are myth and mythology , refracted in a prism of his impressions and feeling. Considering Myth as a universal symbolic language of the unconscious mind Fedorov is trying to find the continuation of antic myths in the modern world. He believes that the passions and collisions of antic world could be found in the dramatic shakes of present days. All of it he is trying to reflect in his paintings using the technique of Netherlands painters of XV century, Filanov's crystal structures and composition construction of the ancient Russian icons.
Exhibition: Russia, France, Germany, Malta, India, China, Czech Republic .