Ftp Instructions for submitting works to art.net...


If you are using a Mac, you will need to use a program called Fetch to ftp.

If you are using a PC, you can use ws-ftp or the ftp program that comes with your OS (ie. Windows 95) via a MSDOS prompt.

Ftp Instructions using ftp via your MSDos Prompt:

First you need to have your Internet connection up and running before you start your ftp session. Then you can ftp over some of your works to our anonymous ftp account. Just:

	1. ftp art.net
		login as ftp
		use any passwd

	2. cd incoming

	3. type "bin" before transfering images and type "ascii" before 
	   transfering text pages.

	4. then type "put image.file" to put your images here. replace 
	   image.file with your images' filename. Please include a text file
	   listing your art files and how we can reach you.

	5. bye  (disconnects your session)

	6. email  webmasters@art.net
           to let us know you dropped some files here.

Ftp has a help command and you can type ? to see the ftp commands available. "help command_name" will give you info on a command.

Please email us if you have questions.... And if you submit works please send webmasters@art.net some mail so we will know to look at your art.


-the webmasters@art.net