Icelandic or California Stones used in the Work


Stone Bound Form no. 1

Stones and mild steel

(made in California)


11" x 13" x 10"

Stone Bound Form no. 2

Stones and mild steel

(made in California)


25 1/2" x 11" x 11"


Earth Orbs

Stone and mild steel.

(made in California)


2 feet and 1 Foot

See Earth Orbs 1, 2, 3, 4 at A New Leaf Gallery in Berkeley. California

I made this piece to have on the invitation card for my museum show back home in Iceland for I had only about a month to complete work for that show. So I made another one there with stainless steel


So see my museum show in Gerdarsafn, Iceland 1999:

Fra steinum til steina.


In Stone

Stainless steel and icelandic beach stones

~16" long  

Made after my show in Iceland

Maybe that is how I felt after working so intensely in stone for that show.



Life Form

Icelandic beach stones and stainless steel rods

about 2 feet long  


Every time I go home to Iceland I try to work in stone and metal.

The stones there are soft so it is soooo easy to drill through. I ended the year my making this piece of art. I didn't want to have to weld ( in the 6th month of pregnancy) so the piece is just hold by the tension of the the four rods that go all the way through.


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