Kendra K Davis

I am basically self taught as a Basketry Artist. I came to basketry by accident! I had been involved in vessels through my ceramic experiences and I have done a lot of needlepoint, counted cross stitch, macramé along with other needle arts. My mother taught me the basics of basketry while demonstrating to my son, (I was looking over their shoulders and trying not to pay attention...I needed another project like another hole in my head) he never finished his basket......I did and have been making them ever since.

Basketry is the only media which I have made rules for myself. I use only pine needles in the coil method.

Once I proved to myself that I could make a coil pine needle basket "right" I began to explore the form. I have been trying to push the traditional form ever since.

Technically, by definition basketry is considered a "Fine Craft" rather than "Fine Art" but when a piece of craft is no longer functional it becomes ART. This is the logic behind separating my "Baskets" from "Pine needle Sculpture" but, some times my "baskets" cross the lines.

Each of my baskets and pine needle sculptures is signed with a Montel Metal tag which is imprinted with KKD or a brass tag imprinted with Kendra Klauber Davis

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waltsx.GIF (15059 bytes)

grandma3_icon.GIF (14968 bytes)

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Karma's Basket Walt's Basket Grandma's Basket Ovoid
applex.GIF (17158 bytes) pineapplex.GIF (18420 bytes) Eculyptusx.GIF (13585 bytes) mallardx.GIF (14474 bytes)
Apple basket Pineapple Basket Eculyptus Basket Mallard and Moss
tigersx.GIF (16221 bytes) ShellNSpx.GIF (16032 bytes) blueberryx.GIF (17555 bytes)

Tiger's Eye Land

Pot Belly

Shells and Sparkle

Blueberry Hill

creelx.GIF (17797 bytes) princess100x.GIF (19692 bytes) cranberryx.gif (19719 bytes) pineberry405xz.GIF (13705 bytes)
Creel Ice Princess Cranberry Chevrons Pineberry Basket
irish409x.GIF (14891 bytes)

OpenOrangex.GIF (19120 bytes)

bolero83x.GIF (18332 bytes)

paintedbaskx.GIF (16830 bytes)

Irish Basket Open Orange Bolero

Painted Basket

littlewhitex.GIF (13846 bytes) lilpink396x.GIF (16582 bytes) urchin63x.GIF (20432 bytes) nob398x.GIF (15986 bytes)
Little White Lil' Pink Pink SeaUrchin Nob Hill

ode394x.GIF (13784 bytes)

flowermkt4a.GIF (17405 bytes)

flowermkt3x.GIF (17143 bytes)

Ode to the Flower Market #1

Ode to the Flower Market #2

Ode to the Flower Market

Ode to the Flower Market

flowermkt2ax.GIF (12944 bytes) bluebulbx.GIF (14498 bytes) PinkOvalx.GIF (17822 bytes)
Ode to the Flower Market
Please Don't Step on My Basket Blue Bulb Pink Oval
beehive421x.GIF (18330 bytes) shellbow124x.GIF (16628 bytes) littleorangex.GIF (11398 bytes) solid118x.GIF (10901 bytes)
Pink Beehive Shell Bow Little Orange Solid Green
blue7x.GIF (16796 bytes)

champagne88x.GIF (20456 bytes)

yellow79x.GIF (21083 bytes)

Awryx.GIF (12476 bytes)

Little Blue Champagne Yellow Oh My, Basket Gone Awry
Firecrackerx.GIF (15803 bytes) kettle2x.GIF (18119 bytes)

Firecracker Another Kettle Corset Green and Gold
bearded889x.GIF (20824 bytes) bluepea3x.GIF (17115 bytes) barrel2x.GIF (18698 bytes) twotone7x.GIF (16299 bytes)
Bearded Linen Blue Pea Twist Linen Barrel Two Tone
matrix76x.GIF (17976 bytes) bluebundles1381x.GIF (18577 bytes) discus1404x.GIF (15046 bytes)
Matrix Blue Bundles Swirled Discus Open Statice, Status Symbol
slipping1394x.GIF (18767 bytes) sqyellow1x.GIF (15960 bytes) snowball1410x.GIF (21528 bytes)
Slipping Into Fall Squashed Yellow Snowball The Easter Exchange

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