Richard's Virtual Studio

I have been involved in theater for several years. I believe that acting and performing is a form of communication. Thus what I act I communicate. I have performed in several shows in lead roles which include: Rayman in Beyond the ...Tracks and various characters in the Musical Showcase Everyday Another Door performed at San State University.

Most recently I produced and acted in a solo performance Converstations with Mot and Luv. It is a philosophical storytelling of a young man's journey living on the streets and the reality of being homeless. I also composed a musical score for the piece as well as contributing other art images.

The purpose of my studio is to share my work with others. All images and text are copyrighted. You may share images and text with others. I would prefer that you did not change the images or text. If you are interested in using my art for commercial p urposes please contact me.

If you are interested in my consulting services, please check out my new web site, Act One Consulting.


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