ScriptX DreamScape Demo

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Don Hopkins, Kaleida Labs

DreamScape is a constructive experience built on ScriptX, based on rooms and objects, that combines a whole lot of different metaphors, and demonstrates many of the neat things about ScriptX. DreamScape is also known an Actualized Fantasy Screen Waster (not to be confused with a Virtual Reality Screen Saver)

ScriptX DreamScape Demo Transcript

This is a transcript of a demo of DreamScape, written in ScriptX, at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, on May 11 1995. The demo, given by Don Hopkins of Kaleida Labs, was run on a PowerBook 540c, and the video from the powerbook was resampled and recorded on video tape. The images herein are unretouched frames grabbed from the video tape of the demo, cropped, and resized, so they are not the same quality as screen dumps would be. Thumbnail gif images are embeded in text of the transcript, that are linked to full sized jpeg images, that you can view by clicking on the thumbnails.