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Subject: Re: dance and literature

>Regina Miranda wrote:
>> I am doing a research about the relatioships between dance and
>>for a conference I'll be doing in the beginning of November.

>What sort of literature would this be? Philosophical, technical (manuals,
>tutorials, etc.), ethnographic and anthropological studies, reviews, or
>just references to dancing in fiction?

I'm thinking more of the extensive appropriation of novels, short stories
and poems, not only as inspirations for movement, but as an integral part of
the performance, both as direct verbal text as well as in the sense of the
body as a text in movement. I also want to work with other sort of
exts( autobiographies, scattered words, commentaries about different
subjects) that are created by the choreographer or by the dancers and the
different uses of words during a dance piece.

>>I intend to focus
>>on the contemporary dance scene, with an introduction on the traditionals
>>into which this partnership develloped.
>Whatever sort of literature you are interested in, I suspect that its
>development is somewhat dependent on the work in preceding times. For
>example, if you were to concentrate on the theories of Dalcroze or Laban,
>you'd need to look at their philosophical or pedagogical precedents.

I agree, and being a Labananalist myself (Certified by the Laban/Bartenieff
Institute, NY in 1975), I know how this is an extensive and rich field. But
not this time:-)

>Regards, David

Thanks for the questions, they will certainly help others to know better
what I'm looking for. Regards, Regina

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