Artist Reviews on Art.Net...


The Artist Reviews are now happening on Art on the Net.

Every two weeks starting on Monday, an artist's space on is submitted for reviews by the other artists on our site, Art on the Net. All artists reviewed are members of and have studio and/or gallery room spaces on

The reviews are completely voluntary and artists are encouraged to submit their spaces for review when they are feeling ready to receive ideas and suggestions about their spaces and their art. After a artist volunteers for the reviews, they are put on a waiting list and notified when they are scheduled to be up for review by the other artists here.

To participate as a reviewer, artists can check the reviews page and see what artist is up for review and after viewing the artists' space, fill out the review form. The comments on the reviews form are then sent to the mailing list where all artists participating in the reviews project can see (which includes the artist that is being reviewed).

The reviews are also saved (spooled) and delivered to the reviewed artist when their review period has passed. So you need not save all those reviews unless you want to.

To join the Artist Reviews Project, just send email to:

and you will be added to the email alias All artists participating in this project should be apart of this alias and are by default added to it when they join Art on the Net.

If you would like to volunteer to be reviewed by the other artists here on, please send email to the mailing list and let us know. We are now in need of artist volunteers! :)



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