Adonie placed the lamp on the table and sat once again.
She leaned forward, setting her elbows on the table and lacing her fingers loosely.
"What do you suppose possesses people?" My voice rose. "What a selfish
thing it is to have a child. 'I want a child,' 'we want a child.'
Don't they think the poor creature they create will have a neural system as
sensitive as their own? How can they look their child in the face
not to mention demanding that it serve them with its life and respect after
sticking it here for a life sentence? How can they do that?"
"You said, 'sticking it here'."
"On Earth. Here, in the midst of all this." I gestured wildly but briefly,
sharp as a guillotine's descent.
I scarcely noticed her reply. "It is a life sentence. No attenuation.
No escape.They must be insane." I thought about this a moment, then added,
"Parents should be on their knees begging their children's forgiveness
all of their lives for their lives. You'd think living in a place like this
would give them the sense not to stick anyone else into it if they
had any responsible feelings at all. Which they don't. They must be insane.
I can't believe it."