"But it isn't that I'm a nurse. I'm a nurse because of the way
I am, the way I think, and that way, which is the way I have always attempted
to understand the world and to live in it with some usefulness and some
comprehension, is curiosity. I think that explains it best."
"I'd say it was bald, undiluted determination." Nessa declared.
Flo allowed the briefest smile. It never reached her hazel eyes.
They were deep set and shadowed and seemed deeper in her face dominated
by heavy cheekbones. "I have never understood the ability to allow faith
to be the catch all. The final word, so that there never is any final word
nor needs to be. Anything incomprehensible, why, don't endeavor to
understand, to dissect it and to consequently channel it, just say
it's the way things are. That is, the Lord's will."