Flo went now to the railing and stood before it. Her standards
would not let her sit or perch or slouch against it. Looking out upon the
sun-drenched pasture spreading before her to the hills she said,
It makes no sense to me, it never has."
"That's because you're a nurse. You've seen too much."
"That can't be it," Iris said. "Seeing turns some people into religious fiends.
Zealots to be deterred or deviated by no man, monster, or spirit.
They trip and go splash in all of that misery--"
Zora was clipped, "I'd call it torment."
Iris shrugged. "Whatever. They skid and go splash in all of that and decide
it has to stop. They make a vow. They think it would stop if we were...."
"What?" Zora raised a smooth, curious brow.