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That's why the rich came here, and the wannabes.
They longed to be devoured. The rich had everything else and found it tarnished in their touch and those who hadn't or didn't, wanted that to be so.
So they came.
Georgina got richer.
But did she want that? Is that what she wanted?


We wanted Olive.

She was somewhere in this echoing plexus of holes, tunnels, and carbuncles which was Georgina's subterranean empire. It was and crossed many realms. She had placed it here in a desert wilderness for a reason. She did nothing without reason and all her reasons snapped to her focal point like a star death laser.


Georgina wanted more and the rich and the desperately striving envious wanted death.

But what is death save immortality?

Georgina bought the tiny beings, if they were beings. Most of them. Most of them had never lived in this world, though some had spent a few days among us. Welcome.


Georgina bought them for a pittance, or their biological mothers, one barter or another, because they were so plentiful and replaceable. They were cheap.

They were needed here like sea mammals were needed in aquariums. Everywhere else cells might be the valuable thing, stem cells and foreskins and brain cells and heart tissue. That was everywhere else. Here, it was blood that was wanted. Good old unanalyzed unsplit gushing blood. All it need do was to issue from a creature recognizably human and flow and be red.