She looked around at the tower walls. "I wasn't certain what I'd think of it myself.
I'm ambivalent about altering well-designed structures from the past.
Or even hideous ones. They have character. They have their histories and
their statements that it betters us to see.
But sometimes, for the sake of the living, they need to be changed.
With an understanding of the structure and its history it can be done in ways
which will increase the beauty of the building as a whole." She paused.
"In some ways I like the layering and mixing of times in a building. It's a
form of conversation through the medium of time."
I kept silent, but I was listening to her instead of formulating a
myriad caustic replies to sling at her. She rarely spoke her thoughts
about her work.
I could see we shared a certain perspective.
But the core of what riled me would not abdicate. She must account for
what she had done.