I burst upon Sem Partoldi ensconced before the fire in her personal dome. I had come on from Bartholomea's having seen through the window that the Sem was not there. It did not then seem odd to me and I have not yet discovered if it should have. My intent was to locate her and procure answers which I determined to do with all speed. I would accost her wherever she was. It was not significant to me whether I found the Sem at Bartholomea's, her dome, the Complex, an outland denser, or the Heourkavna spirit's essential vortex. It did not matter to me.
        I burst into her dome ready, in my lunge, to bring the round door down upon her clay floor with all the force held pent within me.
        But, it opened readily enough.
        I caught myself back and leashed my immediate words as I sought her great form. She sat in only the orange flicker of the fire's light, in silence, except for the wunpaqs who high in the several orientations of the apex did hiss, rasp, and beat their feet rapidly upon the plaster denouncing my rude entrance. They did not pelt me. I don't know that I would have noticed.
        I strode to stand before the Sem planting my boots, crossing my arms.