Hennay admitted me. She smiled but her eyes, a darker brown than Gallett's, retained some soberness and uncertainty. "Please enter, rider," she stepped back. "You are most welcome. We were speaking of you."
        I could well imagine.
        "Gallett and Pennbaston are by the fire."
        "Thank you."
        I stepped into the main room. Vettra was with them. Hennay, if she had been with them, did not return but joined the other children. I could hear them at a lively breakfast in the next room.
        Gallett stood as I entered. I had only left them on the mountain a few hours before. After glimpsing myself at the carc I had washed, changed my clothes donning clean black pants and shirt, and had brushed my hair. I hoped I had managed to make myself acceptible.
        Gallett's relief was evident. "Mage," she said with her warm and welcoming smile. She came to me and led me to 1 of the couches. I sat not far from where Pennbaston eyed me. Vettra eyed me. There was no way to stop it. They were meds. But it was an inconvenience. Frequently. "Have you eaten? Can we offer you breakfast?" Gallett inquired.
        I shook my head.
        Before I could speak Pennbaston said, "You ought to eat something, rider."
        "Something has happened." I was perched on the edge of the couch.
        "We are not the last to know it," Vettra remarked dryly. Silver made a bold slash through the dark hair at her temples.