The night was old when I reached our tent. I thought I would refresh myself by taking food and donning new clothes. Perhaps this and the walk through the night would boost my brain to a more productive level. I could think of nothing else to do for the Progenitor. I had done what I could. I believed I had done all that could be done; that is what I told Vryyh and Fion. 
        They would not give up. 
        The Progenitor lay still, as still as she had been since Ince had returned with her. She breathed, yet, on her own; her heart beat; there was brain activity. But she responded to nothing that I did. 
        I saw the lamp burning in the tent as I approached along the water's quiet edge and was grateful. Vryyh had had servants place food and basins of water there for me. Brushing the pale green veil aside I entered. 
        And gasped, "Saqleh! Ince!" 
        She sat there across from the door dumped into a chair and looking straight at me with her sharp eyes for she had been staring out into the night. A fire burned deep within her eyes, deep and nameless was that fire coloring her slate eyes now with shards of darkest green.