I waited, watched uncertainty move over Villem’s freckled face like clouds over a plain. “What do you wish?” I asked quietly.
         “Coraleed and I came through the center of the village. The carc has a light. Since we have never seen or heard of this we were curious. We hope all is well with it. We didn’t know if it might be brought on by the coming storm like some herders go wild. We thought you might not know, with our respect, Ince. I may be foolish, but never would be rude.”
         I set my boots on the floor. “You are neither, Villem, and I thank you. Can you say what color was the light?”
         “Blue, Ince.”
         Villem smiled with relief. “You know this means no wildness or harm done to it by the coming storm?”
         “I believe it signals a message to me.”
         “From beyond the lines?” Villem’s blue eyes grew rounder.
         “Possibly,” I said seeing how Villem wanted to be the bearer of such important news. I stood. “I will see to it now. Thank you, Villem.”
         Villem bobbed her head vigorously and then hurried off to the bar to sing a verse of hot drinks for herself and Coraleed.