Eoe was still talking about the carc race.
        Those who had gone on deeming Eoe an obscure patch like a blemish upon the surface of a vast and varied planet said it was a mistake in judgment by which they meant someone had bribed the judges with a tank full of Glabidge wine or cakes rolled in Vooooric dust.
        But that, any sane Eoeun knew, which is to say all Eoeun except those who lived in the Long Rift, was only bitter mouth. Bitter mouth and dry cheeks, they laughed and lifting their lidded tankards high toasted those who were no longer there. Like skam bugs they were, Eoeun chuckled, jumping about the planet's surface in search of races.
        Those who left said Eoe would talk about the carc race until the next because nothing else ever happened there. 
            Of course that was incorrect.
        There was more than 1 outlander to mutter tightly over a shoulder, darkly down a chin, that something could, something should happen to it. Others, who could easily bet on other races, merely shrugged. They said Eoeun continued to talk about it because they were simple, a childish race, lumpy and unleavened.
        The Eoeun laughed at this, too. The opinions of others amused them.