I strode ahead through the corridor. I thought it a mean passage for the Progenitor but I didn't yet know what she might be conducting and what theater was this. Whatever it was she orchestrated it because it suited her will and her intent.
        The passage was merely a length of boards with the rough plank flooring covered inadequately by a worn carpet strip. I reached the door at the end which was also of rough unadorned wood and shoved it open ignoring the servant who stood there expecting to announce me.
        The room I entered was small, square, wooden; a flimsy wooden box. There was a scrap of carpet on the floor more an affront than anything else and a square wooden table in the center at which the Progenitor sat. There was no other furniture. There were no windows and only 1 small lamp at low level high upon 1 wall. But it was positioned correctly to flood the Progenitor from above and to illumine fully whoever approached her.