I jabbed a finger at her. "Right. What? And why? Did I make a delivery I would only make knowing naught of it? What have I done?" I looked at the 3 of them.
        "But Eoeun travel rarely, isn't that so? And are not concerned with outlanders?"
        "The Sem does not fit the mold." I was dark. "I will get the answer out of Sem Partoldi if I must pare down the mountain of her to a pitiable heap of shavings."
        Gallett allowed herself a brief amusement at this. Or at my vehemence which was doubtless predictable enough to them to amuse them.
        "But I think I can't return there just yet."
        "What is it?" Pennbaston sat forward.
        Gallett swiveled to face me more squarely as I paced. "Has something more occurred?"
        "Oh, yes," I said and struggled with my anger as it leapt again inside me.
        "You're angry," Pennbaston said. "Really, furiously angry. You were before, when you left us on the mountain. What has happened?"