I did not turn but she continued. "What the Progenitor did she had believed for cycles needed to be done. It needed to be done only once, and without any more delay, for the survival of the planet. In her study of historical texts the Progenitor discovered that the source lines grew out of phase periodically and must be reset. She determined that this knowledge had been forgotten and that no 1 was preparing and that the time was nearing when it would be too late. It would be difficult within her lifetime but after that it would be too late. And so for cycles she studied and worked to prepare herself. All the cycles of your life, that is how long."
        I heard the soft sound of cloth as Vryyh took a step behind me and perhaps clasped her hands at her waist as she did when speaking earnestly. "The Progenitor knew she needed a rider and she had the best to be had in you. But she remained uncertain as to the potency of the lines now. Because they had not been corrected when they should have been she thought it probable that their 1st touch would be too strong. The lines themselves would have to adjust. If you were to go 1st and the lines damage you all would be lost for only you had requisite knowledge. If the Progenitor went 1st the lines could adjust sensing her and you would be there to perform the task.
        "The Progenitor," Vryyh finished gently, "believes you and she together formed the necessary agent for that essential task."