The air was heavy, wet, laden with moist scents of soil, wetted wood and dripping leaves of tree limbs recently immersed. Dark, sleek wet bark of the trees was about me as I stood upon the bank. Thick broad-leafed grass was beneath my boots pillowed on the spongy earth. The soil of Eoe was black; the fields were a treasure of black rich with organics. Within the forest the soil was like burnt iron, red, like that. River clay was gray. Eoeun took up the clay and made their domed houses from it. While it dried it became yellow-gold.
        The river was broad and smooth here. The waters slowly coiled like the curling body of a living being deep green, gray, darkening under a sky of clotted clouds which had gathered from the southern horizon all through the day.
        The heavy cloud banks crowded in backing up on 1 another waiting, gathering, sending down their signature odors to catch at me. There would be rain before morning. I knew the signs well enough though I had never before been to Eoe. I did not know if there would be winds in this region. It was quiet here, more quiet than upon the road.