Hawks Totem

Messenger of the sky, Circle my dreams and teach me... the message as we fly.

The shrillness of Hawk's call pierces the the state of unawareness, and asks you to seek the truth. The Ancients recognized this magnificent bird of prey as a messenger bringing tidings to their Earth Walk, the Good Red Road, from the world of the grandfathers and grandmothers who lived before them.

If Hawk were to magically cry, it was a sign to beware or be aware. This could mark the coming of a warring tribe, the birth of a child, or the celebration of counting a coup.

Hawk's cry signalled the need for the beholder to heighten awareness and receive a message.
Hawk medicine is a totem that is filled with responsibility, because Hawk people see the overall view.
Hawk is not like mouse, who sees everything through a magnifying glass.
Hawk medicine people are aware of omens, messages from the spirit.

Hawk has a keen eye and a bold heart, for Hawk flies close to the light of Grandfather Sun.