Andrey Vystropov (Volgograd - Tachov)

Andrei Vystropov (born 26.12.1961) pursued art studies at the Applied Arts Department of the Gercen State Pedagogic Institute in Petrograd and later at the Art Academy, also in Petrograd, where he worked under the tutelage of Professor E.E.Mojsejenko a renowned Russian painter and art historian.
Vystropov's degree work, a painting entitled "Widows", was awarded a silver medal by the Soviet Academy of Arts and exhibited at an exhibition of contemporary Russian paintings held in New York in 1988.
Vystropovis a follower of the school of Neo-Romanticism , blending the aesthetic values and painting techniques of Renaissance masters ( whose works he had studied at Petrograd's Royal Hermitage ) with hose of the avant-garde "Stylist Art" at the beginning of this century.
Vystropov makes use of light reflections and penetrations thrown into a relief by twilight, the chiaroscuro technique and - inspired by Jackson Pollock -colour-pouring and meshing to create the visual contens of his works. The effect is a shift in time and space leading to spectral dissasociation with reality where statements about subjects matter are made bordering on the tragic, comic, absurd and even grotesque.
In his paintings, Vystropov shows the impact of the external world on the human psyche, and vice versa. He addresses the existentialist questions of human-kind, focusing on subjective perceptions , feelings and desires born out of loneliness and nostalgia for a better world. His poetical lyricism inspire him to melancholyc meditativeness and dignity in portraying human frailty. His works, usually oil on canvas, speak through symbols that evoke dreams, fantasy and magic to help people comprehen the ephemeral moments of their every-day lives.
Exibitions: Belgium, Italy, USA, Japan, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic

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