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His early works were devoted to the tragic to the tragic war years of 1941-1945. But the main heroes of his pictures are women.
Women, who in our consciousness are associated with maternity, love and beauty, are here in tragic collision with war, the symbol of destruction and death. Thinking in philosophical categories, the characteristic features of the artist's works are the endeavour to comprehend the essence of events. His pictures are a special space, not only constructed according to the classical laws of perspective , but also saturated with emotions. Each picture is the beginning of a long reflection, an immersion in a world of complex associations.

Good and evil
Each is distinguished by simplicity, clarity and great technical skill. There is a close connection between the spirituality of the image and the technical accomplishment - one of the main lessons learned by Vystropov from the technique and art of Renaissance masters. These lessons are enriched by the experience of a person living at the end of the 20th century, when the vital questions are: What is the meaning of good and evil? What is the meaning of life? Vystropov has tried to find the answers to those questions and, as in life, the answers cannot be unequivocal.

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