Red Tail

Working on the porch with Nigel,
hammering shingles to the wall;
and two red tailed hawks soaring high
turning two tight circles
in the clearing through the tops
of the redwoods.

Looking up from La Honda Road,
and you banking out of nowhere
into a high arc easy
over me showing your white belly
and red tail feathers
in the morning sun.

Driving down the coast,
and you flying with me
at eye level,
just across highway one,

Gliding down slowly;
Stopping in mid-air suddenly
in a flare of wings to rise
twelve feet on a gust
to catch and rest
your thick legs on a wire
and watch, looking down.

Startled, ecstatic.
Can only raise my fist
and shout.
Hoo! Yeah!
Red tail.
January 26, 1992

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