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As a grantor, I impose conditions for my financial help.

( 1 ) You hope to further a particular genre of painting that you consider worthy.

I would only support artists that maintain specific standards I deem worthy. This way I can guarantee my investment.

This is a poor attitude.
Artists should work knowing that they are supported specifically for their gift as free thinkers.

Artists are in agony when their work is controlled by their supporters. Artists who are worthy of support should be entrusted with the power of their own ideas.

To narrowly define a set of standards does not show trust in the artist's depth, and suggests you do not value their unique understanding of painting.

If this is your position, however, consider this alternative: Give long-term support to a set of artists whose work comes close to the kind that you agree with. Of this set, one or more may arrive at examples of the kind of painting you desire. Or, once this set of artists is supported without threat of censorship, offer a commission to the artists within your supported group. Let the artists who feel in tune with your needs step forward and apply for a chance to work with you. It is important that the artists choose to work with you because they believe in your project, not because they seek basic support for their lives as painters. The commission should be paid to the artist above and beyond the basic support.

Do not pretend you are furthering art if you require limits on the artist's expression.
Alternately, become a painter yourself.

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