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Peter B. Olsen

© 1997
(H: 21", W: 24", D: 6" fiberglass,metal)
The challenges to move into unexplored areas which I find in the process of art making are of importance not only to the given piece, but as part of a reciprocal process of self nourishment and growth as well. My work is abstract, but alludes to organic as well as man-made forms. Though the work is personal, it reflects universal themes, and only by passing through the eyes and the mind of the viewer will the pieces reveal their full spectrum of identity.

I work with natural as well as industrial materials. From my Scandinavian background I am strongly rooted in an appreciation of both materials and techniques, and I attach importance to the technical aspects of the construction becoming an integral part of my works.

Through a use of unadorned forms, and a juxtaposition of elements which is harmonious, yet unanticipated, I strive to attain feelings of internal energy, quiet posing, states of being, stories told without specific beginnings or endings.