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Tim Jag

Love Block
© 1995
(H: 12", W: 30", D: 12"
cement, steel,oil,casters)

Sculpture: "Love Block"
Access and articulation of personal and cultural identity; an act to redefine, identifying purpose and responsibility, using containers for art ideas - philosophical, spiritual, scientific, historical, a transformation of cultural artifacts, a personalization of objects and images, seeing art context and language as fluid or malleable, using ritual process, transformational machines, economy in form, transcendance through form and image, machine/body politic, machine metaphor, cultural shamanism, entropy, paradox, contradiction, enigmas, continuums.
Methaphorical objects and images:
ark, artist, atoms, blood, body, books, box, bricks, cage, caves, cells, cement, chains, chest, clamps, clocks, cylinders, dams, dice, dolls, doors, earth, faucets, fluids, frames, funnels, gates, glass, gloves, grains, hose, light, liquids, locks, jars, keys, masks, mirrors, music, nozzles, numbers, oils, paint, passwords, phones, photos, resin, ropes, secrets, schematics, soundloops, steel, tapeloops, text, tubes, tunnels, umbilical, valves, videoloops, wax, windows, wine, wombs, words,