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Al Honig

© 1993
(H: 75", W: 60", D: 53" manufactured objects)
These works are not assemblages but constructions using objects of many different materials which I subtly change to make them fit together to form a single sculpture. Each piece is a part of the whole.
My selection of the objects is determined by design, condition. Most of my items come from scrap yards and fleamarkets, usually the last stop before meltdown.
My intent is to use these objects when their utilitarian sense is gone and only the aesthetic sense is left. At that point I use them to make a sculpture.
"THE END" is one of my Tableaus of Life when I started including tables in the sculptures. The Tableaus of Life series is about the things we face in life, such as tension, death, fun, to name a few. "THE END" is about death. It has a clear container for cremation ashes, that is so you can see out. It is currently filled with fireplace ashes. It also has nine blinking lights, a moving pendulum, horns, and an ashtray in case you would like to take a friend along.