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Sherman Hay

Distant Order
© 1995-96
(H: 5' 8", W: 3' 8", D: 2'4" cast concrete and slate)
The sculptures I make incorporate ideas of archeological ruins, and have a mystical illusionistic presence. They derive from my love for ancient cultures. I especially like stone sculpture and architecture.
My work is constructionist in principle and it is eclectic in the sense that it evokes ideas of cultures seen somewhere before but perhaps yet to be discovered. I like to think I am creating objects of importance and mystery. When I create a piece of art I think of balance and energy and try to harmonize them with design and symbols into an artistic statement.
I make works for interior and exterior use. The exterior works are durable concrete castings that are a blend of organic and geometric shapes and forms. These pieces are modern but at the same time remind one of the past. I like to think that at sometime I will be able to do a very large sculpture similar to this work being viewed. It will have a circular shape combining 30 to 40 pillars which interconnect with rock shapes and forms. These pillars would support a roof or structure above the ground sculpture which would be designed to cast complex shadows. I like this idea because the sculpture would then have an environment of its own.