Email from Visitors


“I am writing from Australia and I am a Mexican who had lived in Canberra for almost a year, I saw your work on the internet and I am really interested to know the prices on them and if you are able to send it to Australia as I would like to buy one of your paintings.

If you could please reply to me. I would much appreciate it”




“Can you quote a price for Venetian Days?

Thank you”



“Re: The Calling

Is this painting available for purchase? A beautiful piece of art!”




“I am an Interior Designer, and I am interested in your artwork. Can you please send me

 pictures of your work, and a price list. Also do you wholesale to the trade?”

 Thank you,




“Re: Ballet in Blue

I would imagine originals not available? My wife is an ex dancer and loved this painting.”




I saw your painting titled "Black Angel Rising".  I would love to have this painting as well as the painting titled "The Calling".  I did not see a price.  Could you e-mail me a price list.     Thank you, and please keep me informed of new paintings.




Hi MichaelA

I copied one of your pages from your Web site for my husband, Joe.  He -- like me--

can't wait to see your original work!  (You may have a new customer on 
the hook....!) 
Best regards,





Hi , Nice web site!!




“Dear Michaela,
I am a big fan of yours, and a lover of art as
well.............unfortunatly, i have never had the chance to meet you in
person.........recently, i was diagnosed with full blown AIDS, so as i dont
go out anymore, it is doubtful i will ever have the chance to meet
My reason for writing to you, is in the hopes that you could
send to me, an autographed photo, and, or anything signed by
would really mean a lot to me if you could, thank you so much and god bless




“Dear Michaela,
Just wanted to say thank you so much. The angel, is a
beautiful piece, i will treasure it always

merry christmas.”



“Hi Michaela

I love your art”




“Hello Michaela,
Your work is incredible!!!”
R. Willis

”I am awed by the beautiful angel portrait. You have so much talent! Thank you and best to you always... “




“Dear Ms Akers,

I'm an Art student finishing a two year Alevel course and at the moment

I am completing a Critcal Historical Study of Artists who have shown the

theatre in their work.  I have aready looked at Waterhouse, Millais and Degas

but I would love to explore other, more modern artists.  If it wouldn't be

too much trouble, I would love to know alittle more about your work, namely your paintings of Ballet dancers, as this would help me greatly.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.”






Enjoy your work immensely. Your poetry and your paintings are both

beautiful. The result of combining the two is a ten fold experience.”




 I very much like your work and would like to purchase a painting.

Please could you tell me if you have exhibitions, and the sort of prices.

 With many thanks





love your use of light and depth, especially "After Monet's Rue Montorgueil", Chrysanthemums and Sanctuary.  What does your art go for?




hi michaela.

my name is michaela,too.i come from bebra,germany and im 13

years old.i think you look nice.

where are you come from?how old are you?would you like to write me back for

a good friendness?  i have draw the picture by myself.

love michaela