Richard's Photography 

        Last October, my son Richard had to decorate a pumpkin for Halloween
and take it to school. He decided he wanted to carve one that looked like
the wrestler Sting of WCW fame. Being lazy at the time, I convinced him
to paint the pumpkin instead so that it would last longer and look more like
Sting. We had just remodeled the house and we had a lot of left over white
paint, so we tied a rope around the pumpkin stem and dunked it like a giant
lure into the Casa Blanca white paint. After drying it for the day in hot sunlight,
Richard used some stencils, hair, black paint to finish the job. The results
were very good I think. I told him to take a few pictures and handed him the
camera. The following photos are the result of that little assignment. He kept
that darn pumpkin on his desk in his room for over a year before it started
getting a little gooshy on the bottom. He was real proud of the art-guord!

Once the photos were developed, he put titles on the back of
each one and put them all in an envelope with the following
words written on the front: "Me with Sting, our places we went."
Click on the picture's title to see the photographs he took in
October of 2000. He found a few interesting locations for the
shoot and our dogs made an appearance as models in one photo.
Talking Wall
Small Canyon
Sting's Happiest Place
Spaz & Hyper
A Break
Meeting Papa Frogger
A Cookout

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