Artistamps: small works of art, wanna-be stamps, miniature, faux postage, philatelist, issue, lick, sticker, mailbox, letter, send, glue, communicate, fun, international, pastime, seal, hand-crafted, art, non-official, felonious, ink, paper, perforated, gummed, dimension, medium, ex-libre, post-neo-dada, catalogue, collect, arte postal.


Welcome to the Artistamp Dada Shuttle, Captain!
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Your mission plan and destinations will be analyzed and updated
to ensure that our objectives are met throughout the universe.
"Peace through superior art weapons!"

New targets assigned: 111503

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Matangi Island

Systems: Scan
Retro: NLV

FLT# B0Z05

post, list, letterbox, collaborate postcard, craft, paste pictures, text, audio, copy, fax, call, submit, project, ideas, mail.
movement, radical, experiment, nonsense, less, x ambiguous, real, participate, art, post anti-reductivist.
chaos, art, avante garde, collage, assemblage, surreal, mock-trial, shocking, social, performance, cabaret, culture.

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