© Copyright 1993, by Diane Fenster
I Waited. For Hours.(138K gif)

Story by E. VICKI ELLIS (479k .mov)

He lived outside of Toronto & worked in an auto plant, but we met at a bluegrass festival in NYC's lower east side. We were introduced by friends and spent the next 3 days side by side, engrossed in each other's newness. We spoke on the phone daily when he returned to Canada. He came back the next month to visit.

The following month he convinced me to meet him in Montreal so I took the train up. An interesting ride with an anticipatedly exciting reunion. When I got off in Montreal I scanned the crowd; I didn't see him at first. I wandered around the station, looking at doors and in corners; men sleeping in chairs. Then I sat down to wait. And I waited. For hours.