T H E - P O I N T - O F - E M E R G E N C E - S E R I E S

In this series of seventeen images created in 1992, I explored the frozen moment that is at the center of transition: transition from dark to light, from low tide to high tide, from collective to individual, from unconsciousness to consciousness, from life to death and rebirth. Each of these states is a plane of existence, separated by a veil between the worlds. At the point of emergence the veil grows thin, allowing transformation to occur, bringing about a new state of being.

My primary image sources for this series are still video frames photographed with the Canon Xapshot still video camera This camera was originally designed as a consumer model camera where the user could view the images on a television screen. Because of this, the initial image quality is low resolution with a jagged appearance to the edges and outlines of objects.

The Xapshot provides a raw image with a sense of immediacy to it. The video frames are instantly available to the computer without having to process and print film and then scan it back into the computer. The still video frames are then opened in Adobe Photoshop software on the Macintosh computer by using a frame grabber board to capture the images. By using a combination of filtering and photomanipulation techniques that the software provides and with the addition of visual material created from scanned images as well as the use of wholly computer created artifacts, I can push the quality and scope of the original image past the point from which it was originally intended and into the realm of experimental imaging. Output is to 4x5 transparencies from which a limited edition of 20" x 30" Fujichrome Type R Supergloss prints are prepared.