The Creative Process

I photograph the women and the traintracks with a Canon Xapshot still video camera that allows me to export the picture (which is held on a video disk inside the camera) directly to the computer. The images that appear behind the story texts are captured from hi-8 video (which is also exported directly to the computer). The handwritten text (provided by the individuals who wrote the stories) and any other objects are scanned using a flatbed desktop scanner. Compositing is done with Adobe Photoshop software on Macintosh computers. Output of the still image Photoshop files is to 4 x 5 transparency film from which a limited edition of 30" x 30" Fujichrome prints is prepared.

Concurrent with the creation of these images in the form of large format photographic prints for exhibit is the production of two "virtual artist's notebooks." These will take the form of both World Wide Web pages and a CD ROM that will include an electronic copy of the images, background information on the formation of the series and Quicktime movies of the authors reading their individual stories. This will be designed to play on a Macintosh computer. The Web pages are also being utilized as a part of the installation of the series when it appears in museums and galleries. In these ways, viewers of the exhibit can increase their involvement, interaction and understanding of the works of art by navigating through the Web or CD to learn more about the particular pieces that are of interest.

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