"It's Christian, you know."
"What about Christian?"
"She sets me on edge. There's nothing I can do about it, though I try
to discount it or at least to remain calm, for Cella's sake."
"Why? I don't think Cella cares one bit." Iris poked the grape leaves aside.
It was Ossie who was making so much noise. "Stupid bird."
Nessa merely smiled as she continued her embroidery. "He thinks
he's a crow. This is his crow period. He'll grow out of it."
"If I don't kill him first," Zora commented. Her voice was dry as always,
her eye baleful as it always was when regarding the bird.
Nessa chuckled and bent her coppery head over her sewing again. Pale
curls escaped the ribbon which tied back her thick red ringlets.
Her white hands stitched, stitched.