3D interfaces, buttons, and design elements


Use these 3D interfaces, buttons and related design elements in a variety of ways for projects at work or school or for personal indulgence.
They can be manipulated in any way you like with an image editing program or you can download and use what I have provided.
Many of the interfaces and objects come in several versions and colors. I've indicated this by giving you links to "alternate versions" or "alternate mouseover versions" so you can easily download the images you need to make the interfaces and buttons appear responsive to user input (mouse and keyboard).
You'll find more of my thoughts on possibilities and tips for easy use accompanying the images.

To download right click on the image you like and choose "Save image as" or "Save target as" from the menu.

hot suckers


the curve
check mark

button magnet


GM corn arising


pads and screens
larva and gall

the dispenser



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