Gallett opened to my knock. It was early, not yet light, but she was dressed and had been working for she held a pad in her hand. "Rider, welcome! Enter, please." She took my cloak and hung it away as she said, "Come in where it's warmer. I'll get you something hot. You look cold." She motioned for me to sit and brought a steaming cup from the box. She stood over me smiling with a slight admonishing frown which of course I was not to take seriously except that she really did want to know. "We've heard too little of you, and nothing from you, since the Rift. Pennbaston thought you'd gone to the Progenitor's estate and we guessed you were in the outer regions for the carc race in Ghordaq?"
        "Yes, I raced. And I was there to see Kyd. There will be no more trouble from that direction about the mining construction. But I think you should withhold permission to continue yet a while longer. I will enter again. I think I won't be interrupted this time and I suspect there is a weak place. A place susceptible to the deeper lines. If it is clearly contained I can guide you so that it is sealed away and you can proceed with the site and should have no more interruptions. If it is diffuse I will recommend abandoning the site. I realize you will face opposition to that."
        Gallett smiled. "I will indeed. But I will follow your recommendation, rider. Whatever it is I will support it."
        I nodded. I drank deeply from the cup. I was chilled to the bone and hungry.
        Gallett rose without speaking and returned from the box with hot stuffed rolls.
        "Thank you, Gallett," I said, chewing.
        She wanted to know about Kyd but she said, "Were you with the carc? Was there no food in your mount?"
        "There was not time. There were things to be done."
        She nodded, accepting that, accepting the lack of details. I was keyed with what was on my mind.