"Where's Ince?" 
"She's swimming in the lake."   
  Vettra's brief verbal exasperation followed. She didn't curse; she didn't need to. 
I met Gallett's eyes over Vettra's head and returned her smile as we enjoyed her.   
  Vettra moved between us going to the glass wall. She peered in the direction of the lake but was unable to see anything. She spoke rapidly over her shoulder to us, "She's  a fool! All this time Ince has tried to pretend she's a rider but she's this planet's greatest fool. She may think she's duped us, but not all of us." 
Gallett grinned at me again delighting in Vettra's predictable temper. "Now, Vettra."   
  Vettra pivoted, her hands deep in her med tunic pockets. "It's liquid ice. She'll catch her death. Does she think riders are exempt?" 
"Riders have different needs and capacities. She said she needed to swim. She must have meant it."   
  "She's a fool. It'd be easier if she were just insane." 
Gallett laughed. It's joy made me smile quickly, but not Vettra.   
    "I mean it, Gallett. She has no right to be out there now. It's raining. There's going to be sleet." 
"If she said she needed to, then she does."   
  This was an impossible remark Vettra indicated with a wrinkle of her brow. "She should have let me scan her. Carc racing and messing about with source lines. Ince should have let me scan her." 
Gallett went to stand by her setting her arm about Vettra's irate shoulders. She dipped her head and spoke quietly to her.   
I considered pulling on rain gear and going out to find Ince but decided against it. The rider had things to think through and things to decide. I would see her later, when she had worn the edge off her formidable energy. I sat to my set of pads where medical records awaited update.