I found Fion only 3 meters from the far end of the crack. She was hung up there with her knees slightly flexed, her tunic caught on a spine of rock at her shoulders. She was unconscious but alive. I made certain of that pressing my fingers to her neck as I reached her. She roused as I freed her with a rough wrench ripping the fabric. She slumped into me, then pulled away sensing me in the darkness. "She is in there, the Progenitor," she rasped.
        "I know." I began to tug at her, drawing her along through the crack.
        "Get her."
        "You 1st."
        She attempted to struggle against me but her actions made her lose consciousness again as I knew they would. I concentrated on getting her out.
        My head roared with its angry difference. I knew the changes racing through the massive block of planetary rock into which we had penetrated. They were not cracks but lines of difference and it was the difference in my head which was allowing me to sense this new dimension for it was a thing for which I had no words and scarcely the ability to conceive. Alone, without the difference I had acquired I could not have conceived it but only fruitlessly conjectured in vague extrapolations beyond more than my knowledge and experience: beyond my ability. And beyond that of any of my species. I would have been left to guess at what this message was and at the nature of this information.