You probably want to know about this claw or you wouldn't be here. These are two of Shirley's appendages. Shirley's a carc so I hope that explains a lot.
If it doesn't, just let me say that carcs do a kind of molting and among the discards of these makeovers are claws and attached portions of limbs. Naturally Shirley doesn't want this to be common knowledge. I told her no one coming into the DysArc is common.

carc claw 1

I can't show you any more of Shirley right now. I asked, and she started throwing things at me, whatever she could find. She does that when I ask unpleasant things. It's not pleasant for me, but I do acquire more collectibles, this time some more machine parts.


carc claw 2


But you can see some other DysArc denizens(DADs).