Below is one of my favorite interfaces. Contemplating it, I can never decide whether I'm fascinated more by its colors, its shapes, or its immense capacity. Each tear drop is a choice, each ring is a choice, and combinations of drops and rings call forth different results.

ultimate interface

I thought you might like a different view of this one. Only because I would. It's about the only time I can remember wanting to be a bug for a day so I could really experience it.
I've pulled a lot of different interface styles from walls, floors, corners, rubble piles, and places you'd never guess during my investigations of the DysArc. Here's a good sampling:

Start with embedded rings and follow the trail I've offered to help you along, or start out on your own:

embedded rings


plastic and metal

unidentified hide

pipes and fabric

metal plectra


singular shapes

buttons and frills: interface elements

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