I strode about casting for something appropriate while thinking of Gallett. I could make sense of her message in only 1 way and it was disturbing. Kyd and her adopted child Cheryn had a disagreement with the government of Mirhveda and had instigated some disruptive action. It sounded as if they had taken hostages at the mining site so long under construction on a hilltop east of the city.
        Kyd had been 1 of our strongest contacts when Gallett and I had begun to clear the unattached from the wretched, ruined Vomedu Sector of Silp, the denser of that large and ancient lot.
        Whatever the conflict was, Kyd wanted to speak with me.
        Could that be true? Or was it only a stall, an element of confusion and delay Kyd and Cheryn wished to enter into their negotiations or demands with Gallett? Gallett must believe it a sincere demand to send out a query as she had. Gallett must believe the situation unsolvable by other means or she would never have called upon me severed from Silp, the service, and all.