“...says Kyd is still alive and will speak to no 1 except you, mage. We have no evidence except Cheryn’s word that she is...holds the hills east of the city. A science and construction team....Cheryn impatient, too angry....our people held hostage, but, rider, they are all our people....always wanted to see the mining construct....are you....?”
         There was no more.
         I requested a repetition, then following instructions had the message wiped and a place in the crowded Gamedon com files was freed for use. Requesting transmission I extracted credits from my belt and inserted them. I initiated an express message:
        “I am coming. Ince.”
        For the 1st time I regretted no longer meriting access to a priority band.
        Perhaps, I thought as I stood and left the screen, a simple message would have the best chance of arriving in good condition at Mirhveda's Government House.