I paced. Occasionally I cast my eyes up the lifts or briefly watched the many different beings swirling around me. For a moment I inadvertantly tapped into a signing conversation 20 meters away but averted my eyes feeling that I intruded.
         I had almost become lost once again in grim speculation when I glanced up from the polished floor to see the red chevron on a screen. Inserting my chip I sat quickly on the stool before it and skipping the current file moved through the instructional pathways of the back file. I located Rider Ynqe after several creative modifications of my name, Gallett’s, and Government House in Mirhveda City. After back tracing it further through several major relay transceivers it became a message generated by Gallett, Government House, Mirhveda City, Mirhveda lot, to Rider Ince formerly of the service. There was a designation number, I noted with relief. I coded it quickly.