Odd mess below? You get used to it. More than that, it becomes exciting, even fascinating.
This view of the DysArc is from above so you're looking down through layers of wire mesh. Mesh can be deformed, reshaped, you know, scaled, moved, whatever I want it to do. For greater detail and refinement it can be subdivided into smaller and smaller grids. You'll be able to see more of this as you explore the rooms.
The larger yellow circles are light sources; the small yellow dots indicate centers of mesh objects. The red and white circle to the left is the 3D cursor and in the lower left corner you get the axes indicator for this 3D space.

wire mesh top


Below is a screen shot of the same mesh configuration viewed from the right side. What appears above as the large central circle is here the central molded shape which tapers to a tiny tail. This is the DysArc's central Exchange. You can see a shaded model of that here.

Arcade meshes side view

A random DysArc perspective, two versions.

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