A corridor, just to perk things up. I've got a few other corridors, too, like this one attached to the Skins Room, and this one leading to the dispensers operations room, and this one which contains the Bridge World Niche.
The corridor below is completely smooth, silent, translucent, slick. It seems weightless, flexible, but is strong as silk. Probably stronger, but have I had time to test that? Maybe it's living protein like spiders spin. This view gives you a look ahead since that blob in the center of the right edge is the tunnel's end at the Fluid Room. You glimpse a portion of that tear drop room above on the right. The pattern you can see better from this view.
You can also see the position of the corridor in relation to the central DysArc Exchange, meshes, models, and camera positions used to render the two images.


Fluid approach