Anyone for the races? You knew I'd say that, I bet. Or that someone would. Somebody's been saying it for far too long. I mean, when they were saying it when it meant something in particular they couldn't race anything that was raced here because they hadn't been invented yet and now they're gone. Confused? That's part of the experience, so not to worry.
This is what I saw when I reached the end of the tunnel from the central Exchange and hit the lights. (I haven't shown you many tunnels or corridors yet, have I. I will.) I said something which encapsulated the moment for posterity, like "Yeow!" This is a DysArc room shaking with echoing possibilities. Anything can be raced here. Why not other challenges as well?

the Races Room

That trench in the floor there at the left contains a ladder at one end, and several shafts and other openings. I've seen that before. Arenas. Gladiators. Slave catacombs accessed beneath. Maybe it's just the pit crews?
I can't get through yet. There's some kind of acid oozing from the walls. Once I define it I can get through it. I want to see what's beneath. You may get there before me since there's so much for me to do, figuring out what it is I've inherited, and all that it holds.
On the right you can really see the tiers. Each is a walkway and space for seats, sometimes tables, sometimes only standing room.
That black translucent wall is not always black or always translucent. Here's another incarnation I happened to catch. And another.
I can show you the far end of the room, too.
Bare bones: working curve and shaded 3D models.

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